We want you Fit For Life, not just for summer.

Here, we train smart; not hard!

At OKOactive, we believe the point of fitness training is to get ‘Fit For Life’, not just for the beach or an annual event.  For that reason, we don’t weigh or measure those who put their trust in us. We’d never be so rude or intrusive.

Also, we humans are born athletes so fitness is our natural state. Once we attain the right balance of movement, nutrition and rest, the aesthetic rewards are never far behind. has a bank of tips and treasures for fitness fanatics and for those who aren’t so avid, we have plenty to get you motivated. Along with our internationally published articles, books and downloadable guides, membership to OKOactive gives you unlimited access to our PYRAFIT - Smart Training Programs which you can download and use anywhere; anytime you need a ‘smart sweat’, PLUS, for your membership, you can enjoy most of our products at no further cost!


Emma Oko’s Story

I’m a UK based, born & bred, Personal Trainer. I’ve been called many things, from The Fixer, The Hurricane, The Body Detective (I liked that one) and even; Ma’am but I think functional fitness coach describes what I do most accurately.

My interest in fitness began back in 2009 when, in my mid 30’s, I joined the Territorial Army. Before which, I’d never been out of breath!

Initially, I was motivated to get fit so I could pass army selection and keep up with the troop but when I noticed how good exercise made me feel, I wanted to explore the science of it in greater depth, in particular; human movement, so pursued my studies all the way to Sheffield Hallam University to read Bio Mechanics.

Working the long shifts in gyms highlighted some pretty dysfunctional training techniques frequently applied by seasoned gym users. I noticed many people were simply treading water rather than making the progress they wanted but what really struck me was the realization that the one goal we ALL have is to feel better.

OKOactive started in the beautiful Peak District village of Tideswell, in 2010 and from there; head-hunted by Virgin Active, relocated to Sheffield in 2013 to teach fitness classes and reestablish the PYRAFIT™ service.

OKOactive wants to spread the message of smart training so we’ve ‘opened up the books’. 6 years of PYRAFIT - Smart training programs are currently being converted into digital form and we’re training up PYRAFIT-COACHES to spread this cutting-edge method of training beyond Sheffield!

I hope our Be A PYRAFIT-COACH service will kick-start many careers for the next generation of ‘smart’ Personal Trainers and become a world-class service for people who want to train smartly and feel physically triumphant!

The revised book: Relax, Sweat, Eat; Repeat was self-published in June 2018 and carries the strap-line: The Fitness Lovers Guide To A Great Body.





  • Advanced fitness coach
  • Body conditioning
  • Bootcamp instructor
  • Body Combat
  • Circuits and Flexibility
  • Group fitness instruction


  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal training
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification
  • Msc Bio Mechanics
  • Nutritional Adviser Level 3
  • Class 3 Combat Engineer