The Folded Burpee is one of our classic Signature Movement Patterns.

It contains all the components of a classic Burpee, except, the palms of the hand don’t leave the ground!

Because of the maximum range of motion required to execute this intense movement pattern, it’s vital that you thoroughly warm up your muscles before even attempting this move.

The Folded Burpee  - and why we call it ‘The Daddy’:

Target Muscles:

  • The Heart
  • Deltoids
  • Lower Back
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps

The Movement Principles:



Step 1: Requires a surge of force and maximum recruitment from the leg muscles.






Step 2: By landing in a push-up position, we engage the core stabilizers.





Step 3: With a 2nd surge of force we jump into a crouch to land on our heels. At the same time, driving the knees up and the tail-bone down.





Step 4: Here’s where the maximum range of motion is critical as we drive the hips up by applying force through the heels.





Step 5: We add a bounce - or even, a jump.





Step 6: Before returning for the next repetition.



And ALL without the hands leaving the ground!





Watch ‘The Daddy’ in action!