• As a starting position, our 90/90 squat allows a variety of movements.
  • This position relies on good flexibility in the hips and strong core engagement.
  • Anything you do from this position will further strengthen your core stabilizing muscles and, at the same time, stretch your hip flexors.

Get Set:

  • It doesn’t matter how you start but; how you end up
  • Lower yourself into a position resembling the image featured above
  • Once in position make sure you have a 90-degree angle in both knees.
  • Your front knee should be directly over the heel.
  • Your back knee should be floating and parallel to the floor.


  • If you begin from a Wide Tandem you’ll have greater lateral balance - if you want less, before getting in position, reduce the width between your feet.
  • Suspend your rear foot on a step or Bosu

The 90/90 Squat comes from Okoactive’s library of Signature Movement Patterns.