Is it me or am I walking funny?


In our efforts to get the best service from our bodies, you may agree that sometimes, even when we’re used to fitness training, maintaining that lovely sense of balance can feel like an uphill battle. When this happens, even a movement as basic as walking can feel dysfunctional as our environment, the shoes we’re wearing, clothing or even head-space can disconnect us from what our bodies are doing.

Do yourself a service

This exercise we call Runners is designed to strip down each component of the walking or running action, service each part, then reassemble. The results lead to peak performance so if you enjoy running or even just a casual stroll, a few weeks inclusion of this movement pattern (with or without a ball) will make all the difference!



Faris’ Fitball Runners


Faris is a classic ‘sitter’. He works in IT and covers great distances in his car; some weeks, I can’t wait to get my hands on him!

Runners (with or without the ball) are a tonic for his hips, lower back, shoulders, glutes and thighs. All he needs to do is maintain his balance and breathe into each action.

Working with the breath (rather than holding it) not only keeps the mind calm and focussed on the action but crucially; infuses the working muscle with vital oxygen.

He begins by balancing on his supporting leg and placing his shoelaces on the ball.



Here’s where that focus needs to kick in. As he squats low on his supporting leg he’ll roll the ball backwards at the same time. Naturally, the ball will try to escape and in preventing that he’ll need to recruit ALL his core stabilizers - simply to keep from falling!

Go, Faris!



For a 10-second demo, check out this video

To Your Health & Happiness

The OKOactive Team