To your body, exercise is like shaking up a Champagne bottle!

When we over-exert, either with weight-training or cardiovascular movement, we’re disrupting the internal balance which is precisely what creates the improvements we’re striving for.

“If we don’t give the body time to repair, we enter a never-ending cycle of disruption…”

 …the improvements can’t happen, our efforts go down the drain and enthusiasm can wane, along with the progress we feel we should be making.

Get An Early Night
REM sleep is our best opportunity for repair and as soon as we enter deep sleep our body can begin its night-shift.

While we’re asleep, blissfully unaware and, better still, unable to interfere, a magical process of repair and restoration begins.

The Body’s Night-Shift
The human growth hormone is responsible for, bone development and muscle formation. Arguably the best natural trigger for HGH is quality sleep. During REM sleep HGH is released, via the pituitary gland, and gets to work. The various duties of this hormone include retaining calcium and mobilizing fats (that’s right, quality sleep can aid weight-loss too). Other vital duties include protein synthesis (rebuilding muscle), the growth and repair of internal organs and fortifying our immune system.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
After a good exercise session, if you wake up full of beans but your body feels strapped to the bed, your very best remedy is light movement – your brain may say Ibuprofen but ignore it, it’s the same brain that invented the wheel and the TV remote. It’s just feeling sorry for itself!


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