When we eat raw living foods we are literally consuming more life.


So let’s get scoffing!!

You’ve clicked on the raw vegan option which suggests you’re either curious or clued up! Either way; let’s talk about food. In particular, food vibrations.

Unless we make ourselves spiritually robust (meditation), the fragility of our human state makes us extremely sensitive to external conditions, or, in other words, vibrations. How we’re feeling and, especially, our state of mind as we handle our food becomes a major part of the meal - the main ingredient even. This isn’t some wishy-washy notion, it’s hard science! Vibrations are wavelengths created by our thoughts so one day, a random avocado might cause me severe indigestion but it was usually my emotional state that caused the affliction, not the simple nourishing fruit!

Before cracking an egg, try cracking a smile

I’d much rather my food wasn’t handled by a cantankerous cook, secluded in a back kitchen, who resents his job and just wants his shift to be over. Nor would I expect to feel nourished by something wrapped in plastic with an endless shelf-life. When I cut open a pineapple grown in Costa Rica and bite into it, it’s Costa Rican sunshine that’s running down my chin, making me giddy with joy!

A fruit is a living gem

Before breaking into a whole piece of fruit I like to pause and consider that I’m the only human being who will do this. In other words, from seed to harvest, this piece of fruit exists solely for MY nourishment and no one else’s. Lucky me!

Most of us wouldn’t let a gang of mindless robots run amok in the kitchen, yet, have you seen how factory machines handle the food we’re sold? Yuk! Our food, in particular, how we source it, store it and prepare it not only informs but establishes both our physical and metaphysical, state of health. The difference between a meal prepared by a loved one and a similar one prepared by strangers, not always in a pleasant environment and for commercial profit, is hard to ignore.

The difference is how our food was handled from beginning to end and by ‘beginning, I mean seed or farm and by ‘end’, I mean our exit pipes!


Rekindling my love affair with food

I can’t believe I’m about to declare this but it looks as though, after 4 years of consistent daily dependence, I may have given up smoothies! The reason being, I was having no relationship with the contents. None whatsoever!

Okay, that does sound wishy-washy but allow me to elaborate.

When you eat as much fruit as I do (and again, you clicked on ‘raw vegan’ so you may well do) the sensible option seems to be, buy cheap fruit that’s past it’s best because it’s going into a blender anyway. Hmm… Translation to self: buy fruit that you wouldn’t want to handle, much less eat whole, cut off the mouldy bits, blitz it all together and gulp it down without chewing it, smelling it or even looking at it!

Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. Sounds more like I want nothing to do with my food. Plus, if I’m pulverizing fruit with an electric blade, is it any wonder that I’m so edgy sometimes?

Question: What’s the point in all this clean living if I’m not even engaging with it?

From now on, I’m eating my food with ALL five senses.


Guess what? There IS no recipe link on this page. Nature’s done ALL that for us. All we need to do is see it, smell it, pick it, and eat it with gratitude.

Let your food vibrate with living energy!

Click here to read more about the benefits of a raw living diet, also, help yourself to the free downloadable guide Good Health Begins In Your Guts.


To Your Health & Happiness

The OKOactive Team