‘I’m toning up!’ She realized

With a familiar monotony, Rachel lathered up her legs and reached through the shower curtain for the razor.

Her mind was still elsewhere when she felt the first nick of the blade and the sharp sting of a soapy cut. She tutted at her carelessness but a few seconds later it happened again, this time, on the back of her calves. By the time she got to her thighs, the shower floor looked like a pink lagoon fed by several mini red waterfalls.

Her thighs, normally the easiest section to shave, were no different. The surface seemed to undulate whereas, before, there had always been a smooth mass of flesh.

Of course, she wasn’t gaining weight. ‘I’m toning up’! She realized, to her absolute delight.

Diving head-first into a military strength test - without prior training - had caused trauma to her muscles, so the swelling was perfectly natural and likewise; this sudden development in the tone of her leg muscles.

Later, while rubbing ointment on her legs, the post arrived and Rachel noticed a curious-looking envelope with the unmistakable emblem of the MOD. 

She opened it, slowly. Six weeks of ‘basic training’ would start fourteen days from now.

There would be no turning back for Rachel…

[Part 10 - Rachels ‘tries’ to take her training up a gear…]

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