Damn, I’m fat’!!

Rachel’s first experience of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) was quite a surprise.

It seemed well-deserved to take four days rest before jogging again, which she did, only to discover that painkillers and slouching or; couching, was a mistake.

She would learn that lesson and many others the hard way!..

Spurred on by her victorious army recruitment trial, Rachel decided she’d not only stick to her regime of jogging every other day but add a home session of body-weight exercises in between - the ones she’d been compiling on Youtube.

She set up a mirror in her living room (that seemed to be a requirement), selected one of her Youtube videos and followed along. 

The chirpy woman in the video had just the kind of body Rachel visualized for herself and she soon got lost in the rhythm and thrill of the session. 

That was until she caught sight of her reflection…

‘Damn, I’m fat’, thought Rachel. Shit!

[Part 8: Can’t keep a good woman down!

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