Rachel slept like a log but when she woke up, the morning after her army medical, she could hardly move.

For the past 5 weeks, all she had focussed on was completing the mile and a half run by not collapsing. Clearly, she’d underestimated the preparations required for the strength tests inflicted by Her Majesty’s corporals.

For the past 8 years, she’d worked as a lorry driver so she had confidence in her strong able body.

This was something entirely different though!


She somehow made it down the stairs but walked like a cast-member from Planet Of The Apes.

Rachel was aching from her earlobes down to her socks - which she’d only managed to put on with the help of a clothes hanger - which she only managed to reach by falling out of bed, rolling over to the wardrobe and reaching up like some desperate shore-swept mermaid.

She had a shift to get to so breakfast was humongous and Ibuprofen; full strength. 

To survive 8 hours on the M1, painkillers seemed like the only option. 
For now…

[Part 7: Rachel gets to the ‘bare naked’ truth]