Rachel woke up for the sixth time and turned off her alarm clock which hours before had become obsolete.

Today was army selection day and she could only pray that 5 weeks of commitment was enough to get her through.

After a huge breakfast (meant to sustain her ’til lunchtime) she dug out an old pair of smart black ‘interview’ trousers which, to her utter horror, she found impossible to fasten…

..’Surely not’…, she exclaimed as she drew breath for a third attempt. ‘I ‘m the same weight I was ten years ago…surely’! She folded them up and placed them purposefully on top of her dresser.


She made an oath. ‘As God is my witness’, ‘I WILL wear those trousers again! That’s my goal’!


Recruit #73

The first military challenge Rachel was chucked into (head first) was a run:- 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes. Our 34-year-old heroine smashed it in 11.5 minutes but it did feel much harder than the hilly runs she’d become used to at home.

Hmm… Rachel soon realized that it wasn’t the physical effort that was harder but the added pressure of running against the clock along with the psychological pressure of watching fitter runners surge ahead - even though she did overtake one or two of them before the finish line!

There followed a series of strength tests but as far as the army was concerned, she’d done it, she was in!

‘Now; about those trousers…’

[Part 6: Rachel turns to drugs!]