In her quest for the right nutrition, Rachel set up a social media account and started to follow other keep-fitters.

Most of the young uploaders appeared to have stepped straight out of a magazine. They talked about ‘gains’ (something to do with progress) and ‘macros’ (something to do with diet) and appeared to live on powdered food substitutes.

After scrolling for some time, Rachel realized she didn’t feel quite so victorious anymore. A morning of comparing herself against other peoples best bodies had left a dent in her self-esteem.

‘I like being me’, she thought, ‘I just want to be a better version of myself’.

Rachel went back to base. Her most pressing concern was what to eat before a run so she would have enough energy to complete the workout.

Something she’d read about ‘carb loading’, how carbohydrates are stored in muscle for energy production, convinced her to try an early morning run; without breakfast.

‘If carbs are stored in muscle for energy production, I might lose some weight if I burn off the old stock before replacing it; or not replacing…’

The next morning, Rachel drank a large mug of ‘builders tea’ before hitting the pavement. To her surprise, she completed her usual route with such ease that she was finally able to add that extra loop!

[Part 5: Rachel’s big day arrives!]