Over the next two weeks, Rachel made good on her commitment to running every other day.

She didn’t feel strong enough to extend her route yet and, disappointingly, some days felt harder than Day-1 but her clothes were already more comfortable, her sleep more satisfying and her appetite; off the scale!

Nutrition was a growing concern. She’d had to admit she was replacing her energy with food-rewards in the form of extra helpings and extra treats etc… 

On the morning of her run, she’d ‘fill up’ for energy but the feeling of cereal sloshing around her tummy was a burden she could do without. 

‘Fitness people seem to drink protein shakes all day… But they say carbs give you energy’, she thought to herself…

Finally, she resolved that a bacon sandwich, at least an hour before her run (on wholemeal bread with rinds cut off) might sit better - but that didn’t work either! It just felt like she had a small, gas generating, lunch-box inside her tummy.

She opened her laptop and started to do some research.

Intrigued by her findings, she researched the research and life-changing facts started to emerge like single pieces of a jigsaw.

Unbeknownst to her, Rachel was becoming a self-sovereign of her own health.

[Part 4: Rachels first breakthrough]