Despite the fresh spring in her step, Rachel decided not to go for a run today.

Although, later on, her hips started to feel tight and her thighs; tender, her body, with its gorgeous youthful bounce, felt like someone else’s so she wanted to take it easy and see what other changes had occurred from just a mile and a half of running.

‘My running wasn’t even that impressive’, she thought. ‘the route was hilly though, so there were some challenges…’

Rachel, never the competitive type, slowly approached each hill in a do-or-don’t manner, rather than do-or-die, and found herself able to scale them with her mental, rather than physical, strength.

‘Right’, thought Rachel, ‘here’s the plan’.

‘I’m going out every other day, for the next 5 weeks and I’ll add an extra bit onto the route - but only if and when I feel up to it’.

One Rule: ‘Since I didn’t collapse the first time and ran the entire route (albeit at a snail’s pace), I’m not allowed to quit between now and army selection’.

‘Now, how should I be fuelling this new voracious appetite I’ve got?..’

…’What foods do I need for energy?’

[Part 3: Rachel’s meal plans - the trials and errors.]