Rachel, (that’s her name) wanted to join the Territorial Army.


At the age of 33 our heroine, who had never been out of breath, decided getting fit would be the surest way to pass the army medical so she popped down to ShoeZone with 15 quid, got herself kitted-out and hit the pavement.

A mile and a half later Rachel collapsed on her doorstep!

She crawled inside and stretched for 5 minutes (something she’d seen other people doing), it felt nice! Then showered; which felt even nicer!!

After that, she emptied most of her fridge onto the kitchen table and ate as only a victorious Warrior-Goddess should.

That night, she slept like a felled tree and woke with a fresh spring in her step.

Hmm, thought Rachel, I might be onto something here! 

Army selection was only 5 weeks away so Rachel needed a plan…

Part 2: Rachel’s plan