We Support Our Members While They Support The Worldwide Community!

Our members transform their lives happy in the knowledge that they're transforming the lives of others too!


Taste, a registered charity, works to support disadvantaged communities in Nigeria by providing sustainable and safe drinking water supply. Their work is centred on drilling boreholes in communities where women and children bear the burden of water collection. TASTE also educates the communities including children in local schools about the importance of good basic hygiene and sanitation practices. We absolutely LOVE the work of this charity!

The Children's Charity Hospital

“The Children’s Hospital Charity raises money to fund things that the NHS does not cover, buying life-saving equipment, funding vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helping to create a comfortable, engaging environment for patients. Patients and their families are at the centre of everything the charity does. They deserve to be treated with the best facilities in a hospital designed with children in mind. With your help, we can make Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better”.

Is Yours A Registered Charity?

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