This  angel contacted OKOactive in April 2015 and together we embarked on what has become her incredible fitness journey. 

Despite her generous testimonial to us “Thank you, thank you! X”, we cant take all the credit for her success. Her stunning transformation from Dentist, Wife and Mother, to Dentist, Wife, Mother, Fashion Model and now, Mrs India UK Finalist (yes, that’s right!), could not have come about had she not made the decision to change her behaviour, and stuck to it!

Gullu had made good progress on her weight loss mission before she got in touch, but since we met she has approached every one of her training sessions with grit, determination and the kind of commitment that can only lead to the amazing results she got for herself.  As evidenced in her most recent picture here.

We’re so proud of you Gullu. Mrs India UK Finalist!!!!!


Here’s to your big, bright future. X                                                                                                                                                                      The OKOactive Team