We’re on the lookout for talent!

Are you a Personal Trainer, Movement Specialist or Fitness Blogger? If so, submit your work to us and we’ll make you part of The Okoactive Team.

Send in your workouts, articles or blogs and we’ll publish them for you. If they inspire us, the chances are, they’ll inspire our members too!


  • All videos and pictures must be of you and no one else. (Even the most willing participants have been known to change their minds - that’s when things can get complicated…)
  • Video demonstrations must be audible, clear and NOT dependent on close captions or subtitles
  • All blogs and articles must include citations and bibliography
  • Keep Your Clothes On: We promote ‘functional fitness’ not ‘mirror fitness’ so we won’t accept your work if you’re wearing skimpy clothes or showing off your amazing body. You might think you look great, but try to keep it under you top!