Either one of the licensing options will get you and your clients off to a flying start but first, we need to get you measured for your cape, after all, you’re going to be a super-hero Personal Trainer!

Obtaining your PYRAFIT™ qualification is easy. You have 2 options:

Option 1: Come to Sheffield for a 2-day course or 1-day intensive. We’ll feed and pamper you before sending you off with your certificate, operational materials and a big smile!

Option 2: Complete your course online (about 9 hours) and we’ll post your certificate and operational materialS to you.

Certificates required

A minimum Level 2 fitness qualification would be ideal but it’s not essential. To operate as a PYRAFIT™ coach and treat your clients to the BEST training techniques available, all you’ll need is your own public liability insurance and a venue.

We’ll do the rest!

Joining The PYRAFIT™ Community?

Once you’ve submitted your payment, above, please fill out the booking form below so we can send you your workbook in the post.

*If you’re doing your course online, please use the form for any enquiries you may have (there’s no need for your address).

Finally, when filling out the booking form please provide us with as much relevant background information as you can.

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