Some food for thought: 

In some circles, the guts are considered ‘the second brain’.

By the time food reaches our guts, there’s no turning back. Whatever we choose to put into our mouths and swallow will determine every aspect of our lives and even the lives of our offspring. It could, therefore, be argued that the most crucial personal care starts and ends with our food choices.

A poor food choice may send us to the couch for a couple of hours bloated, heavy and unmotivated but the right one will give us wings!

Comfort Eating

There is that which the brain in your gut needs and that which your dominant brain - the one in your head - wants. What your dominant brain wants is, all too easily, dictated by our emotional or nervous state. A bowl full of hot, sweet gooey joy is most likely an emotional choice rather than an instinctive response to your nutritional needs. As is saving room for dessert when hunger has already been satisfied. Our guts would simply never make such a choice, not if your system is already facing a workload of carbs (possibly refined), animal protein, refined salt and even trans fats. Once we start to notice the benefits from responsible food choices, it becomes very easy to laugh off some of the suggestions that come from our minds. Quite often the head makes fickle choices based on sights, smells and memories so it sends out all kinds of mixed messages some of which should simply be dismissed rather than indulged.

Compulsive Eating

Unless exacerbated by the clinical binge eating disorder known as B.E.D, eating compulsively is a trap we can all fall into as it may carry some underlying emotional stimulus. Sometimes though, it’s an inevitable reaction to a plate full of empty calories.

The most insatiable appetite is automatically curbed when the body has received the RDA or SDA - Sufficient Daily Amount.

It’s actually quite hard to overeat when we’re eating only that which we’re meant to consume. An entire potato, half a small cabbage, a whole carrot and quarter of a chicken would be extremely difficult for the largest human appetite to manage in one sitting. But, if you break down the structural integrity of the food by cooking it and removing some of the potency then it becomes much easier to spoon in and ingest in large amounts.

Really, we’re making the choice between quality and quantity.

Responsible Eating

Plant and fruit trees are natures food factories. Each plant or tree produces an abundance of human food in accordance with its own circadian rhythms. Food which has been slow-cooked to perfection by the elements and served at its very best ripened state is already pret-a-manger. Our hunter/gatherer days are over, there’s no need to kill food before we eat it anymore!

For a person to even hint that they don’t have time to eat responsibly is a desperate shame as our healthiest food options are all ready for us to eat. In many cases, they’ve even been picked and washed for us!  If you want more than fresh fruit and veg’ then a wholly nutritious bowl of hummus takes the same amount of time to prepare as a partially nutritious round of scrambled eggs on toast does, plus cleaning up after is a lot easier!

In the interest of optimum life-long health, food MUST be eaten as close to its natural state as possible with very few exceptions.

The further food is taken from its natural state, the more nutritional value it loses. One example would be the classic British chip which is only 4 stages from the soil but by the time it’s been washed, peeled, chopped and fried, the original vegetable is no longer fit for consumption. Boiling thin slices of potato in oil will thoroughly remove any trace nutrients. What remains from all your effort can only do you system harm as your guts now have to figure out what to do with this greasy massacre you’ve swallowed. There simply aren’t any nutrients left and to your insides, it barely resembles a potato. If it’s covered in salt and dipped in a condiment then it may be more palatable for your mouth, to your body though, it remains a harmful mystery. The moment we start to process food from its original state we create some sort of void, one that’s usually filled in the form of seasoning, stock cubes, binding agents, raising agents, thickeners, preservatives, flavour enhancers. All of which; we ingest.

When have you bitten into an apple and thought ‘All this apple want’s is a pinch of something to bring out the flavour’? I bet no human ever did.


Every living cell in every form of life contains oxygen. This is the one molecule that identifies all life forms and is likewise present in every cell in the body. Oxygen is present in all human food until it’s cooked out.

Everything we put into our bodies has a cellular influence. When we eat fresh food, we’re literally eating life. It’s no wonder therefore that there are so many health benefits to be gained.

Raw food is living food! Live enzymes in our food react with the live digestive enzymes present in the gut. A diet of processed foods means hours of digestive toil. Processed food is much harder for the body to cope with and has lost so many essential nutrients anyway. Gut transit is further compromised as more junk is packed in trying to curb an insatiable hunger for more nutrients.

It isn’t the bulk our system want, it’s the nutrients.

We moan about being bloated when really, we just need to stop treating our guts like a compost heap.

If you can imagine our guts as a second brain then try to imagine the following predicament. If, after every meal, you had to sit down for a while to let the swelling in your head (rather than your tummy) reduce, would you ever go near that food again or would you most likely start rethinking your eating habits?

Bloating isn’t normal, its something we put up with.

Spring Clean Your System

After just a day or two of switching to a ‘clean’ raw diet, gut transit time takes an average of 7 hours. What you eat at noon could make a reappearance at 7 PM… if you know what I mean!

Frustratingly the only impactful food education available to the masses seems to be the UK government slogan ‘Eat your 5 a day’! It’s better than nothing and if you don’t already eat a largely raw diet with lots of fresh, living foods then why not start today (tomorrow if you’re reading this after breakfast)?

Check out some of OKOactive’s raw food recipes on Youtube and start your day with a living breakfast. For more on the subject, including recipes and video tutorials, download your free copy of our PDF ‘Good Health Begins In Your Gut’ from the homepage

Good appetite.
The OKOactive Kitchen