We’ll Guide You Like A GPS Would!

To succeed in life, first, we need a Goal then a Plan! As your online Personal Trainers, we’ll do the planning for you, all you need to do is fix your goal!

Fitness isn’t body-transformation or trying to look like someone else, it’s more about being in charge of your own physical health.

Your Goal - Our Support

There are two types of trainees. Those who succeed and those who do not.

Those who succeed, have a vision of themselves in their ideal state.
Those who failed; did not!

All we need from you is your goal, we’ll do the planning for you…


Our Coaching - Your Commitment

As your online personal trainers, we won’t be standing over you but our expert instruction will prevent you from poor or ineffective training as seen in the examples below.

Oh dear!

We’ll also stop you before you do this…

And this sort of thing will NEVER happen!

Membership Features

As our member you can tap into expert advice anytime you like!


No more asking Google for the best way to get a 6-pack. We remove all the guess-work to fast-track you towards your goal.


Membership gives you access to the full library of ‘My-Pocket-PT’ gym programs OR we’ll write you a personalized Training Plan - normally £75 but included on the Prem’ and Gold plans!

Certified Experts

All our coaches - including our nutritionists - are insured and fully qualified to help you get the most from your training and food choices.

Your Diary

Usually, a client and their PT will try to find a session time that suits them both.

What for?

It’s your health. Train whenever you feel like it!


We’ll never ask for your body-weight and measurements. That sort of data is personal and not relevant to your integral fitness. Instead, we’ll help you keep an account of your training and diet so you can look back and judge your own progress in a way that encourages you to keep going. Scales don’t do that!

Even more bang for your buck!

To boost the value of your membership, we’ve teamed up with Vitality Health who offer a deluge of perks and discounts on a long list of products - including the Apple wristwatch which can also help keep you on track to success.

Membership Packages

Take a look at what else you’ll get for your membership!


Two members who DEFINITELY came with a firm vision of their future, healthier bodies!

“The knowledge and skills you’ve taught me will stay with me for a lifetime… Thanks for teaching me how to love and embrace my body.”

Gullu Kuchhal

Mrs India, UK

“Emma has a great programme for me and I am noticing the difference already in my flexibility and stamina”.

Jonathan Frost

Manager, Fix-My-PC