The Folded Burpee in the transverse plane (TP).

Although this exercise bears a similar name to one of our other signature movement patterns, it targets an entirely different set of muscles and seems to require a lot more stamina than The Folded Burpee.


The TP Folded Burpee

Target Muscles:

  • Lats (mid’ back)
  • TFL (side of the hips)
  • Obliques (love handles!)
  • Deltoids (shoulders)


The Movement Principles:


Step 1: Plant the palms of your hand firmly on the ground, touch your hip to the floor, tuck your knees and feet in close to your body; then brace yourself!…




Step 2: Straighten your legs by lifting your hips as high as they’ll go. To do this, apply force to your hands and feet.




Step 3 Is a crucial dynamic of this movement pattern. By sitting back down again, we stimulate the contractile function of the obliques, the TFL and surrounding abductor muscles.



Step 4 Requires a great leap of faith. As you raise your hips again, this time, your feet leave the ground…




Step 5: …Try to keep your legs straight and parallel to each other as you transfer your lower body to the other side of your torso.




Step 6: Land in your starting position to repeat the movement on the other side!






The (transverse plane) Folded Burpee - in action:

My record is 14 (before fatigue sets in)! 


To your health and happiness                                                                                                                                                                                  The OKOactive Team