Compound stretches & compound workouts go hand in hand. The same principles apply in both cases.


Working with your body’s natural kinetic chain, allows your muscles to work in harmony rather than, isolation.                   Although this compound dynamic stretch primarily targets the hips and lower back, after a few repetitions, there isn’t much of the body that hasn’t been stretched!


Let’s break it down:-


Here’s Carys, doing a high Lunge towards her right side. The rear extension of her left leg gives her a deep stretch in the hip flexor (at the top of the left thigh).

Curiously, by reaching for the ceiling, she will instantly feel a deeper stretch in the hip flexor. Further confirmation of the link between our skeletal muscles and the benefits of compound training!



Once she’s reached her maximum range of motion, she transfers the stretch to her right hamstring by folding forward and lifting her hips to the ceiling. Touching the floor, in this position, will also open up her shoulder blades and provide some relief for her upper back.




In this dynamic sequence, the 3rd major stretch is a wide-legged forward fold, which she’ll use to transition to the left side of her body.





Play the video to see how Carys puts it all together:

Dynamic Hip & Hamstring Stretch




To your health and happiness!                                                                                                                                                                       The OKOactive Team