Compound training is a great way to understand your body’s engineering and will encourage us to work with, rather than against, our natural biomechanics.

When we isolate particular body parts, for example, when doing a bicep curl or Pec Deck, we’re focussing our movement on developing a particular muscle, or muscle group. If you’re training under the care of a professional, whose monitoring your regime, they may be ‘splitting’ your training, in which case, during the course of your training program, you’ll eventually include all the crucial components of a well-rounded fitness program.

Here at OKOactive, we view the body as a whole kinetic chain and apply this theory when designing our exercises.                                   All skeletal muscles are connected and therefore depend on each other for optimum function, for this reason, we take a whole body approach to our workouts.

We’ve touched on this subject in the article An introduction to Functional Fitness Training but here’s a visual example of one of our many compound moves, along with a brief description:


The Suitcase Lunge

By bearing the weight on one side of your body, the core stabilizing muscles, on the opposite side, are forced into recruitment, stopping you from tipping sideways!


The knee stays over the ankle so that when force is applied to the heel, it doesn’t transfer to the ball of the foot, which would put pressure on the knee joint rather than muscle.




The upward force then transmits from the heel, activating the quadriceps (frontal thigh muscle) which, as it lengthens, activates the hamstring (rear thigh muscle) which then activates the glutes (buttocks) and finally, the lower back.







We’ve done so much already, so why not finish the movement with a triumphant Shoulder press? Also, now that the knee is safely in line with the rest of the chain, let’s get the calf muscle involved by transferring the weight to the ball of the foot and squeezing from ankle to Dumbell!







The Suitcase Lunge in action!


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To your health and happiness.                                                                                                                                                                        The OKOactive Team