This meditation commentary will last around 10 minutes.

By the end, you may be reluctant to move or even come into sound so, before you hit play, make sure you’re perfectly comfortable and away from drafts, annoying siblings or any other kind of distraction.

It’s ‘you’ time!

Submerge Yourself In Some Deep Essence-full Reading

For your spiritual comfort, we’ve selected three 5-minute articles from some of the sweetest most powerful minds we know!

Indulge yourself! 

Soothing wisdom from Ken O'Donnel

Dilemmas and temptations surround our lives.

Should I give, take, do? Or avoid the thing that is dangling in front of me?

Put your ego in check with Maureen McCaldin

The body is not who we are but, as soon as we are born, our appearance becomes important to our sense of self…

Remember how sweet you are with Sister Jayanti

As I connect, through silence, with my innate qualities - peace, love, truth, happiness + purity - I remember that this is my own original, true state of being.