Earn real money doing what you love and bring elite fitness training to your community!


What’s PYRAFIT™?

PYRAFIT™ from Okoactive is the ultimate Personal Training system and a leading example of ‘smart’ fitness training.


The adaptable formula can be applied to many disciplines, from weight-lifting to Pilates and by following the programme structure, trainees get the full benefits in each workout!


An Honest, Innovative Physical Performance Instructor!

A PYRAFIT™ Coach is a HIPPI! 

Our COACHES don’t lie around with flowers in their hair but are:

  • Self-employed
  • Innovators
  • Driven to inspire and educate
  • Honest in their aim to help others improve their physical + mental health

Create Your Own Community

PYRAFIT™ programs are specially designed for group-personal-training sessions where you can train people with similar goals and fitness levels as they support and drive each other. This helps you build a self-sustaining community, spread your running costs and transfer the discount to you grateful happy trainees!


Build Your Own Business

As a PYRAFIT-COACH the sky is your limit. It’s your enterprise so however much you decide to expand your service is entirely up to you.

We’re with you all the way. With your PRO license, we even provide you with an automated booking system so your clients can book themselves into your classes as you sit back and supervise them!


No other high-end training service does that!

Be The Solution People Are Searching For!

With the Basic PYRAFIT™ package, you could offer people a minimum of 2 group sessions a week and still make a profit!

No other high-end service does that either!

Your Earning Potential

Your potential is unlimited!

  • Your PYRAFIT™-COACH license is a resource you can tap into as little or as much as you like.

  • Work less + earn more!
    Training people in small groups will save you time and them; money!

  • Some coaches use their license to top up their earnings but once they realize the scale of opportunities, make it a full-time business!

Become An Expert

We’ll support you all the way to the top!

Even if you don’t have a fitness qualification, we’ll train you up on one of our courses, supply you with the materials you need and still be there to support you. PYRAFIT™ is a community - we’re all here for each other!

The fitness industry can be a lonely place…

When I qualified as a Personal Trainer, I didn’t have a clue where to start. College was cosy but the reality of working in a gym with all sorts of people with different needs approaching me for help did nothing to build my confidence. Other PT’s seemed to be watching their own backs and I didn’t know where or who to turn to for advice.

Since creating the PYRAFIT™ program in 2012, I’ve been able to give people the BEST solutions to their training problems, grow my own precious community, consistently deliver amazing results AND at a price people can afford!

Check out The PYRAFIT™ Story

Emma Oko - Founder

Pick The Course That Suits You

You’ll obtain your first months PYRAFIT™ license for free after you’ve completed your course.


We offer 3 different types of course structure:
  • 2-day training course
  • 1-day intensive
  • Online

Course entry is subject to screening. Before you part with your money you’ll need to pass an aptitude test, after which, we’ll give you all the support you might need to complete the accredited course and gain your PYRAFIT™ Coach certificate. 
Your success is guaranteed!

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