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It’s easy…


What Is PYRAFIT™ anyway?

PYRAFIT™ Smart Training - the ultimate Personal Training system


The PYRAFIT™ formula can be applied to many types of fitness training, from weight-lifting to Pilates and by following the structure of the programme, trainees get the full benefits of their workout.


Create Your Own Community

The free-weight programs are specially designed for group-personal-training sessions where you can train people with similar goals and fitness levels as they support and drive each other. This helps you build a self-sustaining community while allowing you to spread your running costs and transfer the discount to you grateful happy clients!


Build Your Own Business

As a PYRAFIT-COACH the sky is your limit. You’re in the driver’s seat now so however much you decide to expand your business is entirely up to you. We’re with you all the way and with your PRO license, we even provide you with an automated booking system so your clients can book themselves into your classes as you sit back and watch your community develop before your very eyes!


No other high-end training service does that!


Be Unique

There’s nothing in the world like PYRAFIT™!

“Good fun fitness training – I am REALLY getting fitter by going twice a week! Life and work is much easier too!

No other high-end training service does that, either!


With the Basic PYRAFIT™ package, you can offer your clients a minimum of 2 personal training sessions per week while STILL making a profit!

rk, in general, is easier on a physical level now.” _Eva Weltermann @thetherapyroomsheffield


Be The Solution People Are Searching For!



An Honest, Inspiring Physical Performance Instructor, Effectively!

Our COACHES don’t lie around with flowers in their hair but they are highly motivated people who lead the fitness industry by delivering world-class personal training sessions AND they do it using exercises not seen or done ANYWHERE else.

Honest & Highly motivating

Depending on your requirements, HIIT, Bodyweight, Cardio, and Strength programs are provided for you on a weekly basis.

Inspire your clients

The body can do so much more than push, pull, lift and squat! Even passionate fitness lovers get bored doing the same workouts that deliver moderate results and this is often the cause of demotivation and eventual drop-off. Our extensive research highlights this recurring problem. With the PYRAFIT™ programs (we’ve written for you) you’ll be delivering new and unique exercises every week and amaze your trainees with moves they didn’t even know they were capable of! 


The PYRAFIT™ smart-training program takes years of research into biomechanics and applies them in each program. The visible benefits are accelerated by this method of training but the real magic comes from the application of biomechanical principles. The PYRAFIT™ - smart training system not only melts fat and tones the body, it also fixes musculo/skeletal issues! 


Take them to peak-performance with your amazing programs! We’ll send you an updated program every week that builds on the previous one. Your clients will continue getting fitter than ever but you’ll no longer have to rack your brains coming up with original workouts!


Even if you don’t have a fitness qualification, we’ll train you up on one of our courses, supply you with the materials you need and still be there to support you. PYRAFIT™ is a community - we’re all here for each other!


Be the change that people are looking for!




How Much Can I Earn?

That’s entirely up to you!

Simply decide how much you want to earn and we’ll show you how to set up your PYRAFIT™ service.


Your PYRAFIT-COACH license is a resource you can tap into as little or as much as you like. Your earning potential is limitless!


Once you’ve worked out the Rates you’ll be charging, you can make a lot of money and still only be working part-time hours.


Some coaches use it to top up their earnings but once they begin to see the scale of Opportunities, make it a full-time business!

You’re not alone.

The fitness industry can be a lonely place…


When I started out as a Personal Trainer, I didn’t have a clue where to start. College was cosy, now I was working in a gym and all sorts of different people with all sorts of different needs were approaching me for help and I still didn’t have the confidence I needed. Other PT’s seemed to be watching their own backs and I didn’t know where or who to turn to for advice.

Since creating the PYRAFIT™ program 9 years ago, I’ve been able to give people the BEST solutions to their training problems, grow my own precious community, consistently deliver amazing results AND at a price they can afford!

Happy days!

Emma Oko - PYRAFIT™ creator

What you get for your PYRAFIT-COACH license fee:

You could be earning REAL money - at the top of your game - by next week!

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