Take a break BUT; keep it moving!

This advice might sound contradictory but its based on science; honest!

What is active recovery?

The industry term ‘active recovery’ is when the trainee takes up a moderate form of exercise or simple, basic movement patterns in order to aid (or speed up) recovery.

In this instance, we want you to keep moving in between sets too.


Mostly, to prevent your blood from pooling in your muscles instead of making its way back to your heart - which could be pumping like mad by now!

Is that it?

No, there’s a bit more to it. You’ve already warmed up your muscles, raised your heart-rate and percolated your blood, if you stop moving now or worse; sit, that whole process will quickly reverse.

Are you willing to start all over again??

What should I do then?

Simple, light movement. That’s all!


  • Pacing
  • Stepping side to side
  • Swinging your arms and legs

Do what you like, just keep it moving between your sets
It makes all the difference!

*Word to the wise:┬áThe sweating stage of your workout is the gross factor and the only method of progress towards your target but the real changes are subtle and continue for a long while after your session ended - never ‘beast’ yourself. There’s no need.