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Why train with OKOactive?


You need a structured and satisfying training program, frequently updated to ensure you keep improving



Fast track your progress with a minimum 2 training sessions per week + a new program each week!



You can train with friendly, like-minded people who support and motivate one another



You WILL use and even discover parts of your body you still don’t know about!


You will be part of a unique and advanced fitness community



You will have support and nutritional advice that will guarantee results


The PYRAFIT™ Story

The PYRAFIT™ service turns 6 years old on February 14, 2018!   The PYRAFIT™ program has been running since 2012 and as no program has ever been re-used, over the years, we've steadily developed a huge library of Signature Movement Patterns (SMP). Our SMP's are...

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Split Squat with Side Row – Compound Movement Pattern 103

For its sheer versatility, the Split Squat makes a regular appearance in our training programs. For our safety, there's a standard variety of standing positions (stances) we're well advised to adopt before we begin to exercise, particularly when weight training, as...

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What our clients say about us

Personal trainer may be more a necessity than a luxury. SOLID…

Gullu Kuchhal